SAMONLINE FTP Server 2022 & IP Address SalamOnline

samonline ftp server
samonline ftp server

SAMONLINE FTP: Currently, it is common to look that maximum broadband companies provide advantages like FTP-server. The most famous Sam online FTP server is also successfully hosted by a broadband company without any hindrance. SamOnline has another name which is Salam Online.

This FTP server will provide you with various kinds of services such as your desired telefilm, films, software, games, and other files. Surprisingly, you’ll find Bollywood and Hollywood films also present in this FTP server.

Nowadays, various prominent ISPs have begun network business. They provide several offerings to the range of increasing daily internet users range in Bangladesh. Before that, users were unknown of FTP servers and their advantages.

In this write-up, you’ll get every single data about the samonline FTP server IP Address with a complete explanation.


SamOnlie is the short form of Salam Online. IP Address is only an internet server port address and a Default Gateway to get access to sam online FTP server.

You’ll get access to this FTP server only if you use the same network services. Otherwise, no external user can access this FTP server either.

samonlinebd ftp server service
samonlinebd ftp server service

The Sam online network offers streaming and download services that are amazing for all movie lovers.

What Is Sam Online Ftp Server?

Samonline FTP server is simply like other online media servers that give free downloading offerings for its customers. This online FTP server won’t run for all customers due to the fact that the host of this FTP server doesn’t permit all customers to get entry to it. But there have a few opportunities for the choice which will offer equal kinds of offerings like it. 

Nowadays, in case you are trying to find a salam online FTP server. The search engine will provide you with a number of search results. But most websites are not genuine that are displayed in the search result.

What is Salam Online Network?

Salam Online Network is a business organization that offers several digital services like broadband internet, system services, streaming and download services, office services, etc. To learn more about it, you can make a tour of their website.

salamonline ftp
salamonline ftp

Anyway, this ISP organization is popular in Bangladesh. If you are from a similar country, you might have a small chance to access their services. Because all bdix-compliant Internet broadband consumers have the opportunity to get enter this server.

What is Samonline Ftp Movie Server?

Searching for an online movie server that offers the latest Hollywood, Bollywood, and Tamil films for free is everybody’s secret desire. But most of the sites that offer movies are paid. 

There are above 90 million people in Bangladesh who use internet services on their smartphones. It is not very past when the internet was very expensive for everyone, but today we have the internet at the lowest price. So everyone wants to download software and movies over the internet.

However, if you are also looking for this type of website, the samonline FTP movie server is the best choice for you. Here you will find various kinds of films and files. Additionally, you can download files for free. That indicates you don’t have to spend any money. 

What is Sam FTP Games Server?

Inside the Sam FTP video games server, you may be able to see all of the special varieties of video games for computers. Also, you may look for your preferred video games by the game’s name.

So, as a gamer, in case you are searching out a platform to download various kinds of video games, then the samonline sport server is one of the excellent alternatives for you.

Sam Online Ftp BD

The word Sam online FTP bd refers to Sam online FTP server. Bangladeshi people have utilized this word widely on the web and refer to it as sam online FTP server. 

samonline movie server list
samonline movie server list

Do you want to learn more about the sam online FTP server? Search below, and you’ll get huge facts about sam online FTP server and its free gateway address. | 172.16.5o.5

The mentioned IP (172.16.5o.5 & addresses are used as the gateway access to Sam online FTP server. Though one of them is incorrect, most people make this mistake by not paying attention at the time of typing it into their browser’s URL bar.

Every day lots of people face problems with this simple IP address port, so, if you wish to stay away from this error, you need to obey some rules. When you enter this IP address, you must verify it before hitting Enter button.

The correct IP Adress for SamOnline

Want to know “what is the appropriate IP address for Sam Online Ftp?” so check here to find out the answer. IP 172.16.5o.5 is incorrect because there is a spelling error occurred. Many people enter this number with incorrect spelling, like 172.16.5o.4 and 172.16.5o.5, but the right spelling is and 172.16.50 for this IP Address. 

The wrong IP port number begins with 172.16.5o, and that is absolutely an incorrect address due to the use of the “o” alphabet. There is no alphabet in the correct IP address, and that is the reason people cannot access the expected website using this incorrect IP address 172.16.5o.5.





Where do I find the SAM online media server?

First of all, you will find several websites to search samonline media server entry access addresses with complete details. However, in this article, we have listed a proper answer to this question.

As a film lover, you definitely want an FTP server with the purpose to be capable of offering you different types of films with the facilities of download.

But there is no platform or website exists that simply offers film download offerings for free. But an FTP server is an element that is most effective and can be capable of offering your desired service without charge.

How to enter Samonline FTP Server?

Now surely, the question may arise in your mind how do I get entry to Samonline FTP Server? Well, to get an entry to the server, follow the instructions that are given below-

Step1: Launch your preferred browser

Step 2: Tap on Browser Url

Step 3: Write this website link (link page)

Step 4: After entering the link page, open the link

Step 5: At this stage, a blue button will be shown

Step 6: Just tap on the button

Step 7: You may direct to the server page

You need to keep in mind one thing: only the subscriber who is registered to the Samonline or Salam online Network ISP can easily access this FTP server. However, you will never get access to this FTP server whether you are a registered consumer of this broadband internet organization.

Why Samonline FTP Server not working?

First of all, if you are unable to run Samonline FTP properly, there are several ways to fix this problem. Also, you can search below for more solutions on this. Sam online FTP server not running? If you’re having trouble getting entry to the Sam online media server. There are a few first-rate ways to solve it. 

However, this issue is generally caused by your IP address. Mostly, this problem is appeared because of blocking the IP address. In other cases, this can be happened because of your network that used to get connected to the internet.

You can follow the instructions to get rid of this condition-

  • Test the internet connection
  • Reboot the connection of your router 
  • Get in touch with the broadband office or their help center
  • Use Vpn Services

Alternative FTP Server:

Here are some coolest and fastest FTP servers that you could use as an alternative to Samonline FTV server. They are-

Final thought:

salam online
salam online

We have tried to make a full coverage about samonline FTP server IP Address Our site does not endorse any site or content. This write-up is only for educational purposes. So please never use third-party websites to transfer anything. Most third-party download websites are full of viruses. Also, do not visit websites that engage in film piracy.

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